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At IWMAC we’ve been helping companies to reduce both their energy consumption and product losses since 2001. We do that by giving them back control. Through smart solutions for web-based monitoring, they get a complete overview of their technical installations. This saves our customers from expensive waste, and the environment from emissions.

IWMAC - About us

We may be a technology group, but first and foremost we’re a problem solver. For the grocery store on the corner and for large international companies. The common denominator is that technical installations and facilities – especially heating, ventilation, cooling and freezing systems – require careful monitoring and a clear overview. It can become expensive if everything doesn’t work exactly as it should. With IWMAC, you have complete control of this.

If we are to achieve sustainable development, we need to do more than just talk about it. At IWMAC, we contribute to that development every day by doing what we do best – reducing emissions. Because it’s really a question of incentives: It’s easier to get companies to reduce their environmental footprint when they’re saving money by doing so.

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re pleased to have a whole team of talented partners who share our vision. Anyone interested in becoming a certified partner receives comprehensive training, so that they can set up IWMAC systems safely and efficiently. That in itself provides benefits for you and your end customers. And, of course, we always recommend that our customers use a certified partner.

Over the past two decades, we’ve only got better at what we do: Our software has made quantum leaps. Our notification service, AlarmMonitoring 24/7 , is better than ever. We have launched brand new services, such as the long-awaited CSI . And our new certification – IWMAC Ready  – has already taken its initial steps towards becoming a new industry standard.

All so our customers can enjoy a working day with greater peace of mind and control. For their good, and the good of the environment.

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